Printing problems

Back flow from hot end.  

Back flow from hot end.  


3D print gone wrong  

Adhesion of the actual print to the printing surface is crucial for any print. The parameters in which the machine functions are so small that any small defect can throw off an entire print. Here, the initial few layers started to peel up once they started to cool which then caused the printing head to knock the existing layers out of alignment. It then continued to print onto nothing causing the birds nest you see here.  

Sole Swaps

In order to save ourselves time and money, we often remove the soles from existing shoes, and use the upper just to test our new outsole/midsole designs. This requires heating the shoes in a toaster oven to soften the heat activated glues commonly found in mass produced footwear. We then add acetone which dissolves the glue, and allows us to pull them off without much effort.