The mission of Footprint is to solve the age old problem of improper fit in mass manufactured footwear.  Footprint 3D was founded by two recent graduates of the MSID program at Philadelphia University, Tim Ganter and Matthew Flail, in the summer of 2015. By creating cutting-edge footwear solutions utilizing 3D scanning, algorithmic model development, rapid manufacturing, and advanced textile applications, they aim to help shift the industry into a new light.

Tim and Matt met as students a few years ago and during their final year of graduate school they collaborated on their thesis project.  Drawn together by Matt's inability to find proper fitting shoes for his wide, Hobbit-esque feet and Tim's natural passion for sneaker design, they formed a dynamic duo.  

Traditionally, for people with foot abnormalities, there have been two options: force oneself to wear shoes that don’t fit correctly or go and get custom shoes made for astronomical prices by a medical professional. Over the course of their research they realized that there were a lot of other folks out there who had the same issues and many that had more serious conditions than they themselves. Their process is meant to correct a number of the problems that exist in the way footwear is currently constructed. From a biomechanics and general health standpoint, they wanted the ability to correctly align joints and ligaments, and in turn, help alleviate a lot of the pain and soreness that stems from poorly supportive footbeds in designer brands worldwide. From an aesthetic standpoint they aim to provide a technical update on existing designs and classic styles. In essence, Footprint is a vessel to take the concept of "The Market of One", to the next level. Allowing the customer complete control over the look of their footwear while also providing superior support and eliminating the need for orthoses by going straight to the root of the problem.